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BlueGreenHorizons is dedicated to rescuing Honey Bees, supporting youth and community involvement, and habitat conservation for all pollinators.

BGH is transitioning from a family funded trust to a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Currently donations are not deductible for tax purposes, but Bees need our help now. You can help our efforts by clicking on our Donate button below or contact us to donate by check.

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Support Bees locally and around the world

Support your local Bee club.

Sacramento Area Beekeepers - Promoting interest in, and awareness of, the vital importance of the honeybee and beekeeping to agriculture, commerce, and the public at large in the Sacremento Area.
SABA Web Site

Nevada Country Beekeepers - The NCBA strives to promote education on beekeeping and agriculture by providing the latest news and techniques in these fields.
NCBA Web Site

Programs to Support Kids and Bees

Bee Girl - We envision a future where kids frolic in pastures of flowers, buzzing with bees, alongside profitable family farmers and ranchers.

Planet Bee - Pollinating Young Minds Through Environment - STEM Education!

National & International Programs to Help Bees

The Honeybee Conservancy - Making America Buzz Coast to Coast!

World Bee Project - Protecting Pollinators, People & the Planet


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