The science behind what you do

BGH will be offering a series of science seminars that will will go into depth on a specific action or technique that a Bee Keeper needs to have an scientific understanding of. Covering topics like splitting for swarm prevention, VD Mite control, or late fall management these will provide you with a solid scientific foundation behind these events so that you can integrate them into your situation.

If is recommended that you have taken both Beginner and Intermediate classes from any of the competent teachers in the area.

The 2019 six classes will cover a range of specific topics/actions. They are generally held on the third or fourth Sunday afternoon of each month.

Each session will go deeply into the Biological Science behind what is happening and how that should influence your process.

A week before each session you will be provided with a Syllabus and study guide. These quides will provide a session outline, background information and a worksheet.

There will be a shared test on this materiel at the begining of each session so that we can discuss the answers and how to apply it to the demonstration. The work sheets will need to be filled out before class and in your apiary.

Each class will be 3 hours long with a break. Please bring protective gear if you wish to get up close.

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2019 Sessions:

Session2 :

April 21st 1 pm - 3 pm

Rescuing Bees - Removing Bees from up High and In Walls

We will bee removing bee's from a wall using a vacuum and framing the comb. PPE will bee required as each person will do hands on work on the removal.

Location: OakFairyGlen (Orangevale CA)

Session By: Louis Zurlo, Jeff Goding & DW


$25 for SABA & NCBA Members

$35 Non Members

$35 Couples

Session size Limited to 12 signups.

Sign up can be made on Facebook, email or by calling us.


These are in the Hive demonstrations - Please Bring a veil or other protective gear -