Caccade Of Gold

Frame Honey Serving Display

The incredible experience of Pure Fresh Honey - Visual, Scent, Taste and Essence - are displayed in front of your guests senses giving them both an artful and culinary Cascade of Gold.


Fresh from the comb honey is full of the aromatic oils that are lost with time and processing. Smooth & rich in flavor from these oils Frame Honey can be used with Brewed Coffee, Rich Deserts, Strong Cheeses, Hot Fresh Bread and as a brush on Grilled Meats to add an important note to these dishes.


Chefs can collect and use the Honey within the kitchen or Small Hexagon Glass Bottles can be filled & labeled and passed out to guests as remembrance also.


The Hand rubbed Oak stand with Optical grade Acrylic Windows is both beautiful and functional. The display is both safe and sanitary. The honey is released as you need it by Lifting the cover and "raking" an inch of two of comb at a time.

Note: Used outdoors during the day Honey can attract insects including wasp's and Bee's. Talk to us if you have any concerns.

The display is 30" Long X 22" High and 8" Wide. Comes with spare parts.

Can be completey taken apart by removeing 8 or so Stainless Steel Screws. Coated with FGMO the entire display is easy to keep clean.


Contact us about Renting the Display and the purchase of a Frame Of Honey for your next event. Very limited availability of pure frame Honey depending on the season.